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Strategic asset management

Many of our projects involve us delivering core Smart Working asset management services. We’ll help you to shift from cost-driven facilities management to consumer-focused service provision.

Service Overview

Strategic planning that helps to develop a business case for rationalising property estate to increase efficiency and effectiveness and better support Smart Working, all while identifying objectives, aspirations and targeted tangible and non-tangible benefits and levels of spend budgets.


Tactical design solutions that translate the approved strategy into costed, fit-for-purpose and fully-functional design concept solutions with supporting implementation plans.


Operational repurposing that streamlines and updates operational support services – including Facilities Management and ICT – to be better aligned with facilitating and supporting Smart Working objectives.

What to Expect

The PLACEmaking team have been exceptional in terms of knowledge of their subject matter, their creativity and level of support given to this council from defining the ‘vision’, through developing the business case, testing and trialing, phased implementation and occupation and transitioning over to normal operational services.

Lyndon Watkins

Head of Property & Asset Management, North Somerset Council


Support business case development


Develop organisational aspirations and appropriate strategy


Recognising the wider benefits within a property led project


Identify measurable benefits across the 4 P’s (People, Platforms, Place and Providers)


Senior leadership engagement


Project Case Study

North Somerset Council’s estate had grown inconsistently through rapid acquisition, and accommodation was widely dispersed and of varying quality. It was costly to run and manage whilst maintenance and compliance was complex.

North Somerset Council

Our changes led to £700k annual savings in rent and maintenance and a 50% reduction in office accommodation.

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