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Change management

Our structured approach to sustainable project delivery will support your organisational development directives with a roadmap to achieving your objectives.

Our tried and tested change toolbox helps you achieve your workplace improvement targets and supports your people transition through the four key stages of change.

Service Overview

Raising awareness of the programme objectives and the benefits to be realised.


Familiarisation of the proposed solution, anticipated impact, opportunities and challenges of change.


Preparation for a new smarter way of working, use of systems and technologies, location, buildings and travel, mobilisation and logistics planning.


Aftercare, including measuring performance and delivery of benefits, monitoring health, well being and levels of satisfaction.

What to Expect

An exemplar of smart working in local government.

Government Property Unit


Access to our virtual and physical agile working toolbox


Skilled and experienced resources


Tried and tested methodologies


Integrated approach to change across the 4 P’s (People, platforms, place and providers)


Measurable benefits


Project Case Study

PLACEmaking worked with Bristol City Council on their Bristol Workplace Programme, designing and implementing a new workplace strategy to change behaviour and expectation amongst over 2000 members of council staff.

Bristol City Council

Our changes helped reduce the office estate from 38 buildings down to two and transformed the way council staff work so that they now deliver more efficient and better public services at significantly lower costs.

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