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Interior architecture and design

An inspiring approach to space and place – we seek to gain maximum returns from approved investment, ensuring optimum results.

Service Overview

Inspiring design, contributing to the quality of people’s performance, their work outputs, and their health and their well-being.


Efficient and effective space planning, meeting the objectives of Smart Working but reflecting unique aspects of services, departments and teams.


Future-focused solutions that are adaptable and responsive to ongoing accelerating changes in how, when and where we work, variations in staff headcount and ongoing investments in technologies, assets and facilities.


Results that delight, with stakeholders who are engaged during the design process, believing that the end results are of value and their contributions have been worthwhile and appreciated.


Positive feedback, with post-occupation measurement demonstrating that desired business benefits have been achieved.

What to Expect

You not only defined a new level of expectation for us….you then went on to exceed it! Without PLACEmaking we would never have achieved this fantastic project outcome business case, testing and trialing, phased implementation and occupation and transitioning over to normal operational services.

Newport City Council


Holistic approach ensuring all aspects of design work together


Solutions informed by your organisation’s need


Maximising the opportunities of existing buildings


Cost effective and high quality solutions using appropriate materials


Challenging your expectations


Project Case Study

Due to the lack of consentient funding the focus of the Ringland Community Centre had over time moved away from its original multi-functional purpose. Once intended to be the central focus of the whole community, it was in effect reduced to delivering targeted voluntary services and its wider social role was no longer a priority. This was reinforced by its location on the periphery of a declining shopping centre which was itself no longer at the heart of community day-to-day activities. Local attitudes towards the building reflected this.

East Newport Hub

The new Hub is now open to the community with multi-generational activities being hosted in the Hub including fitness and well-being groups. The Hub project is the prototype for implementing Agile working across the council both in future Hubs and its office estate.

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