Cornwall Council, The Exchange

Case Study

“This is an important, golden opportunity as we develop the new Council to provide office space that motivates staff and allows them to work in a flexible and different way. Such a cultural change is a high priority.”

David Whalley

Leader, Cornwall Council

Strategic review

We were asked to complete a strategic accommodation review of offices across Cornwall to realign the Council’s Grade 2 listed office accommodation with efficient modern working practices, thus ensuring that the portfolio could meet the future changing needs of local Government in Cornwall.

We assessed the organisational aspirations and user needs of the authority, and also conducted building analysis and an assessment of current space use at New County Hall – with the intention of increasing the performance of the building and improving the working environment and public access space.

Workplace design

The County Hall was designed in the 1960’s by the County Architect, Hicklin, with architectural advice from Geoffrey Jellicoe. The building represents a unique insight into the architectural styles of the period and consequently needed an approach that balanced preservation and sympathetic modernisation to enable it to become fit-for purpose New County Hall.

PLACEmaking have recently designed and supported the implementation of a ground breaking pilot space called the Exchange which brings all members of the senior leadership of the Council into one flexible space including cabinet members. As well as making significant space savings, this project aims to improve collaboration and communication across the County and includes space for Heads of service provision to work alongside Council leaders. Managing this change has been a delicate process and has involved a hands on approach to ensure successful delivery. The PLACEmaking team will continue to monitor and support the pilot which is intended to influence a wider programme of change across the Council.

The Results

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