North Somerset Council, Castlewood

Case Study

Castlewood in Clevedon, formerly the Clerical & Medicals HQ (designed by Alec French Architects and built in the late 1980’s) has been refitted by North Somerset Council into a modern high performing working environment – adaptable enough to integrate Council staff and significant numbers of the Council’s strategic partners, all working in a shared public sector ‘Serviced Office’ platform including space, ICT and facilities.

As well as workplaces for a minimum of 1150 people, the building includes a café, public access conference rooms, a business lounge/emergency planning room, a range of meeting rooms, project areas, quiet working zones and new facilities supporting staff cycling and fitness activities. Each of the three zones on the floors have hubs supporting breakout, vending and resource facilities.

Analysis of existing workstyles and space utilisation illustrated that desks allocated on a 1:1 ratio were occupied less than 40% of time and further introduction of mobile technology will continue to increase the proportion of Council staff from desk based administrative roles to more mobile, frontline service focused staff. By decoupling individuals from ownership of desks and ICT the Council will monitor and adjust the building user base enabling it to drive the accommodation harder and generate a sustainable income.

The new workspace

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