Bristol City Hall is an award-winner!

One Public Estate award

Commercial Workplace of the Year

“Both the outgoing and incoming Mayors have said what a fantastic improvement (has been achieved) at City Hall. Everyone I have spoken to today, the first full council meeting since the £17 million refurbishment, is very impressed. Thank you for making it happen.”

Mark Thompson

Bristol City Council

“An exemplar of smart working in local government…”

The Way We Work awards judge

Government Property Unit

PLACEmaking have been working with Bristol City Council on their Bristol Workplace Programme since July 2013, designing and implementing a new workplace strategy to reduce the office estate from 38 buildings down to two and transform the way council staff work so that they deliver more efficient and better public services of significantly lower costs.

City Hall is now complete and phased occupation is underway.

PLACEmaking led on the transformation of the working environment, the interior architecture and the cultural change management and communications. The £17 million building costs created a new, modern and highly efficient working environment.

Prior to refurbishment the building accommodated only 500 people sitting at desks and in private offices surrounded by paper and clutter. Now it supports 2000 staff sharing modern work settings, technologies and facilities. Changing behaviours and expectations has been at the heart of the BWP investment programme.

The Grade 2* heritage status of the building has been respected by the designers, sensitively used as a back-drop to create a vibrant working environment with enhanced public facing spaces. Improved technologies and upgraded furniture and fittings ensures the building will better support the changing needs of the council for years to come and provide high quality facilities to attract increased use by business, cultural, academic and arts communities.

The democratic focus of the building has been upgraded with better public access and services now in place to make City Hall’s facilities more attractive for a wider range of activities and events.

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