Survival rules of successful co-working.

The way we work is changing, largely because of mobile computing, telephony and on-line connectivity. Many of us have choice on where we work and so the purpose of a modern ‘office’ has changed.

For many of us going to ‘the office’ is now primarily a place where we collaborate and interact with others.

So what are the new etiquettes to help us be a good co-worker?

Recognise that less is more

Leave behind all that traditional office clutter and you will be free to work anywhere.


Sitting at a desk all day is seriously bad for your health.

Be considerate

Your behaviours impact on others.

Change your standard approach

Stretch yourself with a new challenge every day.

Realise the positives

There’s definitely something to be said for a work-life balance.

Don’t assume you’re the ‘special one’

The new rule is “it’s no longer all about ME. It’s now about US”.

Don’t reserve things

Arriving early to take ownership of things that should be shared…is just wrong.

Don’t dwell on the past

No one person has all the answers anymore. Team work pays dividends for everyone.

Don’t leave a mess…

…and expect others to clear up after you.