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10 tips for working from home


Alison White


February 26, 2020

Working from home today? Here are our 10 tips for getting things done effectively when you’re out of the office.

Still keep work and home separate

Make sure you change out of your pyjama’s and into ‘work clothes’, leave the house, treat yourself to quality coffee locally and then go back to your home office ready to start your day.

Don’t treat your home like one big office

Define a ‘chosen work zone’ and apply some basic rules: don’t stray from there during focused work periods and keep out during fun time.

Don’t get distracted

Go straight to your work zone, blank out kitchen chaos or pile of washing. These things can wait until after you’ve finished with your work for the day .

Don’t let work take over your life

If you haven’t finished everything by finish time, jot it down on a list, empty your brain and promise to address that list first thing the next day.

Just because you’re working from ‘home’ doesn’t mean you’re stuck there

If you’re finding it difficult to work at home, try leaving the house. Remember a mobile laptop and phone means you can to find a place to work that inspires you. Your well-being will improve, and the quality of your work will increase.

Give yourself a break

If you’re struggling with something have a coffee or tea break, or go for a walk . Solving a problem often becomes so much clearer when we take a break from focusing on it.

Stay connected

Working from home can be a great way to focus and get your head down but it can feel a little isolating. Connect with other freelancers, get a Skype account, create a community and reach out to others. Consider finding a local a co-working hub to work at which may help you meet others and encourage ideas.

Remember: you are working, you are not automatically available for people outside work

Just because you’re not at the office doesn’t mean you’re available to run errands for other people. Don’t let family and friends assume working from home means you are offering childcare, personal shopper or dog walking services.

Don’t feel guilty when you miss a call

You’re working from home to get things done so let your colleagues know you’re status, make use of video calling and other remote working technology to stay in contact with others.

Remember you’re part of something bigger – make the most of time in ‘the office’

Use working from home to get some heads down work done, but balance it by making better use of the office for networking, interaction, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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