Helen Greenbeck

Helen comes from an architectural background and has worked in the workplace, university, schools, housing and urban design sectors at DEGW and a number of small design firms including County Councils over the past 10 years. She has developed a detailed working knowledge of the processes and impacts of delivering new ways of working especially in terms of flexible workspace in the government sector. Helen has significant experience of working with and liaising between end users, clients and contractors from brief development and building appraisal to concept design, change management programmes and post occupancy evaluation.

Helen has recently delivered masterclasses in workplace transformation and has been working with PLACEmaking on flexible workplace design for a PCT and building analysis and space planning for Arups Engineers.

Please contact Helen on:-

+44 (0)7 850 151 482

e-mail: hgreenbeck@placemaking.co.uk

VoIP: 0117 230 1470